Fast Poetry
(written on a rainy morning)


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When he opened his eyes all the voices that he knew were ghosts
Debris from feelings devoured by the silence

He again felt the World’s size
Everything around him were rejected feelings,
cravings and fools desires,
bitter and empty memories

When he opened his eyes, he finally realized the scars and the lost battles
He could feel his spirit in others
who came to him in far and cold form,
like the light of dead stars touching him through the freezing night

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When she is here there is sacred desire

and enchanted passion

When she is here there are Red expectations

When she is near there is absolute hope

and sweet smiles

When she is near there are Green feelings

When she is far away all the days are Blue mondays

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Ele ainda anseia pelos atrasos dela
Ele ainda lembra das risadas

O Impossível não é vazio,
mas pleno
As memórias são infinitos azuis

O gosto doce que ela derramou em sua vida,
ainda dança na boca dele

E parado na plataforma daquela estação de metrô,
ele ainda sorri com estes fragmentos

Happy Building

O Prédio Feliz

Wired Moon

Wired Moon 1



Wired Moon 2


He opened his eyes and gazed at the sky deeply blue. Lying amid that sea of grass he looked at the clouds wich, here and there, formed diaphanous animals and buildings.Beside him, lying on the soft beach towel, his girlfriend slept.

The picnic was his idea. At first she had been reluctant. It seemed a silly idea, but now they were there, feeling a gentle sun on them and the family smell of the grass , they felt very well.

She moved gently and put her head on her boyfriend’s chest, apparently still asleep. He felt the fruity scent of the shampoo that emanated from the girl’s blond hair. The boy caressed her face, the girl’s skin feeling soft as the clouds themselves. He did feel a great comfort.

The wind rose a little bit the flowered girl’s dress, showing some of the delicate legs of the girl.The boyfriend felt lucky when she shifted to her side and hugged his waist with one of those beautiful legs.

For a moment the boy thought that if the world ended now, just now in this moment of joy and perfection, he would be happy. It occurred to him that this thought was silly and selfish. Far away a thunder rumbled scary.

The man thought: It’s it? Is happening? He hugged his girlfriend with strength and affection. She woke up, saying:

– How about going to the movies? – And stood up with grace – offering her little hand to him. In the distance the storm reaffirmed its power . He took her little hand with delicacy, smiled, stoop up and then they went to the movies and expected for the end of the World.

The End